All of our horses are rescue horses, saved from a life of abuse and neglect, nursed back to health by devoted volunteers, and trained by talented professionals. After our comprehensive recovery and evaluation process, we can identify the horse’s temperament, health, and abilities. From energetic youngsters, to older and companion horses, we help potential adopters find a horse that is a good fit, at a fraction of the typical cost.

Tango Adopted

Adoption Steps

There are several steps in our adoption process, please click on the links below to submit the forms electronically:

Preview our Adoption and Placement Agreement to ensure you are in accord.

Complete an Adoption Application.

If you are interested in a riding horse, please complete the Riding Experience Checklist and submit with your application.

We will conduct an on-site visit of the facilities the horse will be living at.

Payment in full of the adoption fee is required when you pick up the horse and the Adoption Agreement is finalized.

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