Meet Bowie

GENDER: Gelding AGE: 10 years COLOR: Palomino BREED: Grade QH STATUS: Available Adopt Me

Bowie is doing well with consistent handling. He is more relaxed when being caught and is working on basic groundwork skills.

Bowie has been in groundwork training consistently and has come a long way relative to where he was when he arrived. Our trainer can catch him relatively easily, he leads well and is learning basic groundwork, though due to his level of skepticism he picks up on things very slowly. He will pick up his feet, but is very nervous about it. At this time, he requires a handler skilled in working with horses that struggle with reactivity and nervousness

Bowie came into THS with extreme skepticism and fear and it took a long time and lots of help to get him to this point. He still has a long way to go to be handled safely by most folks. But our trainer, Rachel, has done a great job over this past winter to get him comfortable enough with her to do at least this work. Thank you, Rachel, and everyone else that helped with Bowie.

Bowie arrived a stallion at THS, who was not willing to be handled by humans and had obviously had some bad experiences with humans in the past. He was very afraid and very reactive. Bowie has since been gelded and worked with and has calmed down considerably. He will still need experienced handling to help him gain more trust in humans.

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