Meet Wanda

GENDER: Mare AGE: 21 years COLOR: Dark Brown BREED: Grade STATUS: Available Adopt Me

Wanda has made really good progress in volunteer class! She is on her way to being a good citizen and companion!

She is not too difficult to catch and will lead away from her pen down to the classroom area. She is mostly sweet, but can occasionally be reactive when stressed or worried.

Wanda is an attractive, big dark brown mare, who is halter trained and gets along well with both mares and geldings. She can become very attached to her herd mates. Wanda can be high energy when being handled, but will stand for the veterinarian and farrier.

December 15, 2015: Wanda came to THS severely emaciated and with outgrown hooves. She and her stable mate Wendy, who was in equally bad condition were admitted through the NM Livestock Board.

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