Meet Aspen

GENDER: Mare AGE: 26 years COLOR: Gray White BREED: Grade Pinto SIZE: size STATUS: Available Adopt Me

During the 60 Day Groundwork Challenge, horses and their handlers work on a different skill each week. Skills include: Catching, yielding HQ/FQ, backing, leading, sending over/through/under obstacles, learning flag work, tying preparations, trailer loading and farrier prep.

Here is a snapshot of the work Aspen did with our Asst. Ranch Manager, Traci K. during the challenge.

Aspen continues to be a great horse for volunteer class! A little hard to catch, but gentle and calm once she is in the halter, she is a great one for grooming and doting on. She is quiet for the vet and farrier.

June 14, 2022

Aspen has been a great addition to our volunteer ground work class! She picks up her feet, is respectful when leading and backing, will walk over obstacles and loads in our trailer quietly. She is inconsistent with catching, some days you can walk right up and catch her, other days she leaves and runs around the pen for some time before you can catch her. She is even tempered and gets along with most horses. Aspen is ready to go to her forever home as solid companion horse!

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