Meet Belle

GENDER: Mare AGE: 7 years COLOR: Sorrel STATUS: Available Adopt Me

During the 60 Day Groundwork Challenge, horses and their handlers work on a different skill each week. Skills include: Catching, yielding HQ/FQ, backing, leading, sending over/through/under obstacles, learning flag work, tying preparations, trailer loading and farrier prep.

Here is a snapshot of the work Belle did with our Volunteer Rose F. during the challenge.

Belle has worked with several volunteers over the last year and is learning to maintain focus and attention even if her handlers change. She finds this difficult, but we will keep working on it! Belle loves attention and has lived with geldings and mares. She tends to be dominant with new horses, but quickly settles in to a comfortable routine with her herd mates.

Belle’s patience and willingness to participate in volunteer classes has really improved. She is still easily distracted but no longer requires you to keep her busy every minute. She stays much more connected now and is working on consistently sending into the medical chute in preparation for a trailer loading refresher course, something she had not mastered in previous training. Belle gets along well with other horses.

Belle has had some great hands on time with our volunteers and enjoys the attention. She will not be in the pool of horses for our 2020 Gimme Shelter Challenge due to her conformation soundness. We are not sure if she will hold up to being ridden under saddle. She does however know a lot of ground work and would make a great companion horse.

Belle was born at our ranch on 07/13/2016.

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