Update June 6, 2020:

Wrangler is up to weight and looking wonderful. He is great for vet work, he loads into the trailer with ease, but his knees do make it a bit difficult for the farrier. He does have arthritis in both front knees and his front feet are not the greatest forcing him to be retired from riding. Wrangler loves everyone, is not aggressive towards anything, making him a great companion horse. This horse is a sweetheart! Adoption fee $250

Update October 15:

Wrangler is a sweet big guy with an easy going personality. He has been evaluated under saddle and has shown that he has been ridden before. He is still a little weak and cannot be ridden for long periods of time, but he is gaining strength. He may be able to hold up to more riding once he has fully recovered. Wrangler has gotten along with any horse we have introduced him to and has always had such a good demeanor to be around.

Wrangler is an 18+ (?) year old grade sorrel gelding. He is a big boy that was found with Wiley’s group in the Ojo Caliente area as an estray. He is kind, halter trained and eagerly loaded into the trailer. His hooves show long term lack of care and he is infested with ticks. Although he looks pretty rough now, I think there is a hidden gem waiting to come. Wrangler will be evaluated following quarantine and rehabilitation.

This Horse Sponsored By: Stephen S. & Edward E.