June 25, 2022

Mick has been to a trainer and has been started under saddle. Mick does have some issues and proclivities that are challenging to work with; he had an ear mite infestation that has been treated but has caused severe head shyness so conventional bridling is challenging and he does not get along well with most horses. That being said, he is well put together, sound, fun to do groundwork with and can be friendly to people. With more training, the right person and the right living situation, Mick could grow to be a good riding partner. At this time, Mick requires an experienced rider who can continue his training. Approx. Height: 13.1 HH, Approx. Weight: 620-640 lbs

January 17, 2022
Mick has come a long way in groundwork class, and is waiting for the right person to come along to start his training under saddle!  Mick is a pony and would need a lightweight trainer. He can be reactive and takes a while to trust his handler and will require an experienced handler/trainer. Sound and a good mover with quite a bit of energy, this little guy will be a lot of fun under saddle!




January 1, 2016


13.1 hh




Grade Pony



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