Meet Isaiah

GENDER: Gelding AGE: 18 years COLOR: Gray BREED: Thoroughbred STATUS: Not Available

Isaiah has made astounding progress since his arrival at THS. He has gained weight steadily and his tooth abscess has cleared up. Our veterinarian and a farrier who specializes in corrective shoeing have worked together to come up with a plan to alleviate the discomfort he was experiencing in his feet due to abscesses and founder upon arrival. Lethargic and barely strong enough to stand at intake, Isaiah now runs and bucks around his pen in anticipation of breakfast and is a handful of energy when being led out of his pen!

Isaiah arrived in a group of three Thoroughbreds after seizure disposition. He was underweight and also being treated for a tooth abscess. Isaiah has since made great progress in his recovery and is gaining weight, but still in rehab.

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