Adoption Success–Silver

Silver Finds A Good Home

Silver arrived at The Horse Shelter in July of 2022 through the NM Livestock Board, who found him roaming loose. They thought he had been out by himself for a long time and were finally able to catch him with food. Silver was touchable but skittish at intake, and after settling and receiving his vet checks and initial evaluation, it was clear Silver would need groundwork, as well as saddle training, to find a good home. Five months later, he was ready for adoption and found a home with experienced horseman Ray Padilla.

“I need him, and he needs me,” said Ray Padilla when he rode Silver, a 5-year-old gray gelding, at The Horse Shelter in Cerrillos. “A friend, Kevan Saunders, saw Silver advertised for adoption on Facebook and told me about him. When I tried him, I liked his build and his age. He was a little snotty and standoffish, I also liked those independent-natured qualities about him. I have an affinity for gray horses, as well as red and bay roans. I renamed him Peanuts.

A lifelong horseman, Padilla grew up in Santa Fe riding horses, learning from his late brother, Bob. Padilla competed as a calf roper and worked as a professional trainer earlier in life. He graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in animal science, then received his master’s degree in Integration of Technology from the University of New Mexico. He has been a teacher for 36 years and will retire this June. He taught 7th-grade science at Pojoaque Valley High School and the Santa Fe Indian School. He also works as an auctioneer for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Safari Club, breast cancer awareness, churches, and several charity groups.

“I plan to keep training Peanuts and exposing him to new surroundings. I have ridden him in the wilderness already, and he will drag a log. I plan to rope on him when he is older and stronger, maybe help at some ranch brandings this summer,” said Padilla.