David Rentfrow

Vice President, Strategic Planning & Equine Advocacy | David grew up in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. Growing up watching TV cowboys, he has been enamored with the culture of the wild west from a young age and as he says, has “cowboy” in his blood. When David was a teenager, his family moved to the Midwest and David went to college and graduate school in the St Louis, Missouri area where he met his wife Susan. David has spent the bulk of his professional life in a suit and tie, usually with horse cuff links to remind himself of his true passion, while working at major Wall Street-based investment firms. About one year ago he had the opportunity to join Thornburg Investment Management in Santa Fe. He was drawn to Thornburg’s corporate culture and stellar reputation and, of course, Santa Fe. David adopted his horse, Jedi, from Pat Parelli, who had rescued the gelding from a kill sales barn. David also served on the Parelli Foundation Board for three years. Equine Advocacy is David’s passion and it is the area he wants to focus on, in serving on The Horse Shelter executive board. With his background in corporate strategy and business planning, he hopes to further the success of THS by evaluating our accomplishments and assessing what we need to do to grow and remain vibrant in the future.

Email: [email protected]