August 5, 2022

Miles successfully completed a 60 Day Groundwork Challenge through the Forever Foundation during June and July. He has a good understanding of basic groundwork skills such as leading, sending over obstacles, trailering, and being tied. He remains skeptical of people, being approached, and close handling like grooming and farrier work. He can still be reactive during these activities, but has improved in his ability to regulate himself and experiences less stress than he did before. He is now able to hold all four feet for trimming. However, he will require more time and good experiences before he is fully comfortable with people.

January 17, 2022
Miles came into THS after having been struck by a car.  He is sound now, but still experiences anxiety and trust issues with people. He is difficult to catch, reactive and struggles with the vet and the farrier.  He has had some groundwork training and work at liberty in the round pen. Miles is an example of some of the horses we get in at THS who have challenging issues to work through and their rehabilitation will be a long process. 




January 1, 2017





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