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June 14, 2022

Aspen has been a great addition to our volunteer ground work class! She picks up her feet, is respectful when leading and backing, will walk over obstacles and loads in our trailer quietly. She is inconsistent with catching, some days you can walk right up and catch her, other days she leaves and runs around the pen for some time before you can catch her. She is even tempered and gets along with most horses. Aspen is ready to go to her forever home as solid companion horse!


Aspen has recently started working regularly with a couple of volunteers during groundwork class.  She can still be difficult to catch, though that has improved, stands tied to be groomed and will pick up her feet.  She is quiet and reasonable when asked to move her feet, whether it be leading, backing, or sending.  Aspen is not overly emotional or reactive and would make a solid companion horse.

Aspen is a gorgeous gray and white paint mare that has turned totally white. She has great conformation but has been rather stand-offish.  She is currently being worked with and is much easier to catch now and is getting used to being walked out and about away from her herd.




January 1, 1998


Gray White


Grade Pinto



Current Age:

March 16, 2022

Sponsored By:

Lisa & Victor T.

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