Richard E. Hurdle

Boardmember | After developing some basic riding skills during his college years on the east coast, Richard reluctantly stepped away from his interest in horsemanship to pursue a career in architecture and planning. Although dedicated to the continued success of the architectural firm he co-founded in 1986, his affection and respect for horses endured and soon after buying their house in Santa Fe in 2009, he and his wife Linda began volunteering at The Horse Shelter. In between his commutes back to Virginia to run his design firm, he continues to volunteer at THS as well as at the horse barn at the Humane Society of Fairfax. Learning much from THS about horse communication, training and ownership, Richard and Linda adopted two remarkably willing and curious horses from THS—Tom Thunder & Brandy—and are excited about the strong, solid partnerships they are building with them both. Having served on the Board of his own firm, Richard understands the responsibilities that come with Board membership at THS. More importantly, he understands the tremendous opportunity the position offers to grow and strengthen this exceptional organization. Richard believes that his professional skills in architecture and planning will allow him to focus on upgrading and expanding the Shelter’s facilities and infrastructure for the welfare of the horses, staff and volunteers in support of the vital service that THS provides for the equine community.