15 hh


Updated October 4th:

Quest has come so far in the last few weeks. He has stepped up to the plate and has become more of a gentleman. He is now a great ride in the arena or out on the trails. Quest can still get a little high headed in his faster gaits but has done so well with learning to collect himself at the walk and jog. He now respects pressure and will stop and back up with a simple cue. At this time he would still require an intermediate rider.

Update August 20:

Quest is continuing to make good progress. He has been ridden in the arena and out on our trails. He is now being ridden in a snaffle bit and is learning to soften and collect to pressure. His steering continues to improve as well as his response to leg cues. Quest is learning new things every day and is becoming a great horse to be around. He will require an intermediate rider at this time.

Update June 25:

After Quest’s initial evaluation it did seem that he has been ridden in the past and knew a few things under saddle.  He will continue to be ridden in a side-pull/hackamore until he starts to soften more to pressure.  He is very willing to travel forward and has a rocking horse gait.  Quest is learning steering as well as learning to move off of leg pressure.  This handsome guy has a sweet and quiet disposition, who loves attention.  At this time Quest still requires an intermediate to experienced rider.

Quest is a 13-year-old buckskin gelding that was picked up in the Taos area as an estray. His owner was found but due to family circumstances decided it would be best to surrender his horse. Quest is kind, haltered trained and easily loaded into the trailer. He is said to be trained under saddle but that he does not like crossing water. Quest will be further evaluated following quarantine and rehab for weight gain. Not available for adoption.