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August 25, 2021:

Miles has had some time off after a medical procedure to remove a benign growth from his mouth.  The time off has caused him to regress back to being difficult to catch and very nervous around his handler.  We will slowly reintroduce him to ground work.

March 12, 2021:

Miles is doing well with being comfortable with new people and is doing well with his ground work. Miles ties, loads in the trailer, loads in the medical chute, works well in the round pen and sends over and around obstacles.

November 1, 2020:

Miles is doing well with his groundwork. He will now load in the trailer, climb up on our new tire obstacle, and is getting more comfortable with humans touching him. He still has the tendency to be nervous and reactive, but those traits are diminishing slowly as he gains more experience.

September 1, 2020:

Miles has had a boost in confidence and is now allowing us to catch him and pet him all over.  He is still leery about being touched by people, but has handled the stick and string, flag and ropes touching him quite well.  Miles has begun groundwork including liberty work in the round pen and lunging.  He leads and backs well and moves beautifully at the trot.  Although Mile’s trust in us slowly grows each day, he is sensitive and still a bit reactive when stressed.

June 7, 2020:

Miles is still wary, especially of new people. He still shows a great amount of curiosity and makes an effort to smell hands and let us touch him, but he is still quite anxious about it. Miles is getting more comfortable with us just being in his space, and is interested when his roommate, Mick, is being worked with in their pen.

Update January 6, 2020:

Miles is very interested in people but gets anxious when he gets too close. However his confidence grows with every session. He has been haltered and showed a little understanding of the halter. He still gets a little unsure with our presence, but we think Miles has had very little exposure to people.

Miles is a long-legged 2-year-old sorrel gelding that came to THS with Mick after being picked up by NMLB in the Santa Fe area. He had been hit by a car in the right hind leg and was unable to bear weight on that leg when picked up. He has improved a great deal and now only occasionally shows lameness at the trot. He is not touchable at this time but is very curious towards people and should come around quickly. Miles will be evaluated following quarantine to determine his eligibility for our 2020 Gimme Shelter Challenge.