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August 25, 2021:

Dixie has decided that humans are not so bad!  She is now curious about people and will allow a pet every now and then.

November 1, 2020:

Dixie and her roommates have moved to the pen with easy access to our round bull pen. She is now learning to accept being in the bull pen and focusing on her handler without her friends in there with her. She finds it challenging to be separated from her buddies but will keep working on it!

September 1, 2020:

Dixie was weaned recently and shows a good amount of independence.  She is not sure about us humans but has been more willing to approach and stand close to us.  Dixie is enjoying her new roommate, Bug, and together they are becoming brave and more confident.

Update June 7, 2020:

Dixie is an independent foal, not afraid to be all the way across the pen from her mom. She is somewhat curious about humans and has been interested in smelling hands. At the moment, she is much more interested in food than people, but she is not fearful. 

Dixie was born at THS on 4/15/20. She is a sorrel grade filly out of one of our feral mares, Delta. She was up, already dry, at daybreak this morning and just couldn’t get enough to eat. She is a strong and active little girl with a very loving and protective mom. Not available.

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