Mik Provence

After being raised around, and falling head over boots in love with horses, at a young age, Mik pursued her passion for training them by age eleven. She dedicated her high school years to internships (paid and unpaid) with several natural horsemanship trainers, including Chad Brinlee with Bombproof Horsemanship, before beginning her own training company in 2014. Known for turning out extremely soft and responsive horses, her goal is to be able to ride a horse bareback and bridle-less within 45 days. By 18 years old she amassed over 75 clients, and now has merged companies with her husband, Brody, to create CowPunch Ponies, a natural horsemanship company dedicated to building—not breaking—horses. She has competed on Ranch Rodeo teams and has experience in snaffle bit futurity, reining, and competition ranch horses, although she prefers colt starting and specializes in finished ranch horses. She is also excited to be a competitor in the Extreme Mustang Makeover 2020 competition.

Contact Information:

  • cowpunchponies@gmail.com
  • 575-547-2856

Horses In Training: