Greg Russell 2021

Born in New Zealand into a horse training family, Greg has been developing his skills in training over the past thirty five years.  Starting as a young child in riding whatever ponies or horses he had available.  As young adult working in an agricultural/cattle industry, Greg had the opportunity to work under a natural horseman, Paddy Sherriff, who became a lifetime mentor.

Realizing his passion was in developing young and challenging horses, in 1997, Greg decided to move to the United States to work with a broader performance horse base fulltime.  Starting in N.M., he followed opportunities to learn various equine disciplines, which took him thru Texas and in to Ocala, Florida.   There, Greg developed a business starting colts and rehabilitating horse with physical and/or behavioral problems.   Personal reasons and climate preference brought him back to N.M. in 2015.

“I feel that the work I do with horses is giving back to them for all they have given me.   I am looking forward to continuing to do this thru patience, understanding, and training, with one on one lessons for owners to broaden communications with their horses.”

Contact Information:

  • 830.459.2981

Horses In Training: