Dale Fastle

Dale has been around horses her whole life. Her mom always had a passion for horses and introduced Dale and her sister Alex to that passion as soon as she felt she could (that is, probably a lot earlier than was technically safe). That being said, Dale has been riding and working with horses since before she can remember. She has competed in numerous horse-related disciplines including buckskin shows, team penning, team sorting, barrel racing, pole bending, and others. In addition to this, Dale competed in the 2007 Youth Extreme Makeover and the 2016 Adult Mustang Makeover (both in Fort Worth), taking 15th overall both times. She competed in last year’s Gimme Shelter makeover on Treasure and is so excited to be a part of it again! Currently, Dale is majoring in Biology at the University of New Mexico and working as a horse handler for Kids Bridge Therapy Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Contact Information:

  • dalefastle@gmail.com
  • (210)438 2364

Horses In Training: