Cori Hoody

Cori Hoody grew up in the mountains of San Diego County, California. She first climbed on a horse when she was five years-old and has been riding ever since. Cori competed in horse shows and judging competitions throughout her nine years in 4-H. She trained her first horse when she was 14 and bought her first horse when she was 15. She also enjoyed working in an equine therapy program with cancer patients and children with disabilities.  In January 2013, Cori moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend Colorado State University and pursue her dream of finding an equine career. She graduated two years later with a Bachelor’s Degree in Equine Science. While attending CSU, she earned an internship with Chapman Performance Horses, training reining horses. Cori was with CPH for three years; showing, training, and starting two year-olds.  Cori then went to work for the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center as one of their equine trainers. She felt that she had finally found her niche in the horse industry. After a year and a half working with abused, neglected, and abandoned horses at DFL, she heard of an opportunity to travel to New Mexico for a training position at The Horse Shelter. November 2018, she took the position as head trainer. Cori loves gaining the trust of each rescue horse, helping build their confidence, and securing a solid foundation in the process leading to their adoption.  Cori has owned a purebred Arabian for 12 years and has competed in numerous 25- and 50-mile endurance races. While at DFL she adopted an eight year-old rescue quarter horse and is planning to re-enter the show arena in reined cow-horse competitions.

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  • 619-534-7315

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