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Horse Care

What Does It Take to Care for a Rescue Horse

What Does It Take to Care for a Rescue Horse?

Countless Hours from Volunteers, Dedicated Staff & Your Generous Support

The average yearly cost to care for one rescue horse at The Horse Shelter is approximately $3,000 and rising. 

On a typical day here at THS we house over 76+ rescue horses with a maximum capacity of 80. This cost doesn’t include our facility, maintenance and ranch equipment, like barns, shelters, paddocks, wells, fencing, tractors, ATVs, horse trailers, etc. 

It takes a lot to care for a rescue horse at The Horse Shelter, with your generous support we will continue rescuing, rehabilitating and finding forever homes for these gentle horses. 

Here is a breakdown of the basic costs for keeping and caring for a rescue horse. 

Hay for one horse costs $5.00 per day, $150 per month and $1,800 per year! This is not including supplemental feed, such as grain. We experienced a 21% increase in cost in 2021 and with the ongoing drought, rising fuel and transportation costs, are preparing for continued increases in 2022. 

  • Farrier every six to 12 weeks (depending on training status) at $45 per trim – at least $180 per year. 
  • Dentistry once or twice a year (depending on age) at $125. 
  • Annual basic core vaccinations of rabies, tetanus, equine influenza, and other routine vaccines at $95.00 per horse, some new intakes need boosters as well. 
  • Other needed items, such as mineral blocks, de-wormers, supplemental feed as grain, halters, training tools, feeders, water troughs, fly masks, fly predators, and more! 
  • Another very large expense is the ongoing cost of equipment maintenance (truck, trailer, tractor, manure spreaders, etc…) and staff to muck, water, clean troughs, socialize and train! 

Additional Expenses 

  • Feeding more expensive concentrates or supplements. 
  • Accidents and unexpected veterinarian bills 
  • A horse that requires shoes or special trimming 
  • A horse that is ill or injured. 
  • Some horse arrive at the shelter pregnant or severely emaciated and require additional veterinary care. 
  • Rapidly rising fuel prices and replacement cost for all our equipment, transportation. 
  • At the Shelter we have no pastures and must feed year around. With ongoing drought the price of feed is driven up significantly. 

Sponsor a Horse

Sponsorship Program Levels

Level 1: $50 Per Month

Level 2: $100 Per Month

Level 3: $150 Per Month – (Feed For One Horse)

Level 4: $250 Per Month – (Full Care For One Horse)

We are grateful for sponsorships at any level or for any amount you are comfortable with. You will be named as a sponsor on the horse’s webpage. Horses can be sponsored at any level. Thank you to all of our sponsors for the kindness and generosity!