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June 25, 2022

Rocky enjoys helping the volunteers learn new skills, and even will change his temperament from day to day to keep them challenged. Which Rocky will we get today? Relaxed, chill Rocky or exuberant, high energy Rocky? Who knows! Either way, we love him!

January 17, 2022
Rocky has had some time off from volunteer class due to an injury, but he has bounced back and is ready to get back to work.  He is excited to be back in class and has a bit of extra energy and pep in his step.  Welcome back to class, Rocky!

2021: Rocky has really turned into a big lovable guy. He is now a companion horse that has a wonderful attitude. He loves being groomed and has completed a 60 day challenge with our
volunteers class. He has mastered the following skills: sending, sending over obstacles & through tight spaces, lunging, trailer loading, good for vaccinations and worming, will stand quietly for grooming and he will pick up all four feet. He does like having a buddy to play with.




January 1, 2006



Dk. Brown





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