14.1 hh


Update June 11, 2020:

Wiley has improved immensely over the last few months.  He now has a better understanding of speed control in all gaits and better steering as well.  Wiley has been on multiple trail rides by himself and handles them with ease.  He is still only in the first year of being ridden under saddle so is still green at times.  But he is learning to be more mature all while learning to handle different maneuvers.  At this time, Wiley would need an intermediate to advanced rider to further his training.

Update January 6, 2020

Wiley is such a personable horse.  He loves attention and is learning to be a great partner under saddle.  He was started under saddle early last summer, and has come so far in such a short time frame.  Wiley loves going on trail rides and enjoys the arena as well.  He at times can act like a little kid, but he quickly quiets down.  Wiley just needs time and miles under saddle.  At this time he would need an intermediate to advanced rider.  Having experience starting horses under saddle would be helpful, but not required.

Update June 25:

Wiley has been started under saddle and is such a willing participant.  He has only had a handful of rides but acts like an aged riding horse.  He is quick to pick up new things like steering and moving forward into his gaits.  He will remain in a side-pull/hackamore until he starts to really understand the feel before transitioning into a bridle.  Wiley is a joy to be around with his sweet nature and calm temperament.  He has been castrated and at times still is interested in looking at other horses but has not shown stallion tendencies on the ground or while riding.  At this time Wiley still requires an experienced rider.

Wiley (Coyote) is a 7 (?) year old grade sorrel stallion. He was picked up as an estray running on a ranch in the Ojo Caliente area. Wiley is halter trained, trailer loads, and so far has not shown any signs of aggression. But being a stallion he can get a bit distracted by other horses when being handled. He will be scheduled to be castrated soon and will not be available for adoption until further evaluation and out of quarantine.