Update June 6, 2020:

Whisper is now up to weight and looks amazing. She is easy to catch, does pretty well with vet work, and is part of our volunteer classes. She enjoys being groomed, will send through a gate, will cross over obstacles, and trailer loads like a champ. What a miraculous transformation in every way. Adoption fee $250

Update December 6:

Whisper continues to improve, her eyes are bright, her coat now has a shine to it and she is slowly starting to fill out. She still has a good appetite but now fills up and leaves some hay for later. She enjoys being brushed and walked by our volunteers and is showing that she has more energy by occasionally loping around her pen while kicking up her heels.

Whisper is a bay mare that came to THS after being found as an estray in the Rowe Mesa area. She is severely emaciated but shows a great will to live, putting her ears forward to look pretty for her pictures. She is friendly, halter trained and easily loaded on and off the trailer. If she survives, Whisper will require months of rehabilitation before even being evaluated. Not available for adoption during rehabilitation. Whisper could really use a sponsorship as she will surely be with us awhile.

This Horse Sponsored By: Lee & Paul S, Maddie & Jack B, Jeanne & Frank H, Joan M