2022 Gimme Shelter Challenge


September 1, 2020:

Two-Step continues to be sweet and seeks attentions from people in his pen.  Though he has been working on learning to be on the halter, he has exhibited anxiety when pushed out of his comfort zone and has had to take a few steps back and go a bit slower than some of the other yearlings. Some kiddos go at their own pace, and that’s okay!  He is growing to be a big, beautiful sorrel.

June 7, 2020:

Two-Step is still the biggest of the yearlings at the ranch, and one of the sweetest!  He has started learning liberty work in the bull pen and will allow the trainer to pet him all over. He will begin halter training soon!

Update October 4:

Two-Step is a big curious guy who is always seeing what he can get into. He is growing so fast and really seems interested in learning new things. He will continue to work with our trainer before he is ready to work with our volunteers. Two-Step received a sponsorship at our June fundraising auction. This sponsorship will help pay for his care until the 2022 Gimme Shelter Challenge.

Two-Step is out of Tango and is a big chestnut colt born at THS on Cinco de Mayo (5/5/19). He is a very curious, courageous and a very playful guy that beams with personality. He will march right up to you like he is on a mission. Not available for adoption.

This Horse Sponsored By: Jeannie B.