Greg Russell 2021


September 1, 2020:

Twist continues to be sweet and willing in class and has now started working with a volunteer in volunteer class!  She has grown to be a good size horse and will hopefully grow a bit more.

June 7, 2020:

Twist continues to have a sweet personality and wants to please. She now has experience with farrier prep, trailer loading, liberty work in the round pen, sending over obstacles and vet prep. She is keeping those skills fresh with frequent lessons and is looking forward to being in the 2021 Gimme Shelter Challenge pool!

October 4:  Twist is the sweetest girl who is always willing to work with people. She is currently working with one of our volunteers in a 60 day ground working challenge with the Forever Foundation. During this challenge she will learn trailer loading, how to tie, farrier prep, and much more. So far she is doing very well with the weekly challenges and working with the volunteer. She will continue to be handled and will be held for the 2021 Gimme Shelter Challenge pool of horses.

May 11:  Twist is blossoming into such a sweet and well mannered filly.  She now can be haltered, groomed, and asked to pick up her feet with ease.  She can still get a little timid with new people, but is gaining confidence daily.  Twist is learning to trust and is really willing to learn.  We are excited to see how this big girl grows up.

Update March 21:  Twist has made so much progress in such a short time frame.  She also has started growing in her height.  She will approach with confidence and will allow to be touched on her shoulder in her pen with no halter on.  Twist has also been haltered a few times and has done well with every session.

Twist is a 2018 bay filly and is Tilly’s foal. She was picked up in Cuba along with the other 4 horses. Twist is in good health and body condition and likes to show off. She does not seem to be as fearful or skittish as the other two younger horses in the group and hopefully will come around quickly. Twist does have a hernia that may need some veterinary attention. Not available for adoption while in quarantine.