Sorrel & White
2022 Gimme Shelter Challenge


August 25, 2021:

Trinity has started working with a volunteer this summer, and is doing well.  She is easy to catch and enjoys people, leads, backs, works in the round pen at liberty and picks up her feet for the farrier.

March 12, 2021:

Trinity is doing much better with her ground work. She is better with focusing and is quite brave. She loads in the trailer, picks up her feet when asked, sends over and around obstacles and works well in the round pen.

November 1, 2020:

Trinity has started to be led out to the class area and is learning to be comfortable leaving her buddies. She can be spooky while being led and often loses focus on the task at hand when her buddies are playing without her. She does continue to show growth during her groundwork sessions.

September 1, 2020:

Trinity has done nicely in her halter training class.  She accepts the halter well and has learned to follow the trainer and come off gentle forward pressure on the halter.  She knows how to lunge left and right and picks up her feet well when asked.

Update June 7, 2020:

Trinity is a whiz at liberty work in the bull pen!  A smart and eager-to-learn filly, she has been fun to work with. Trinity is very friendly and needs to learn about boundaries. She will begin halter training soon. The sky’s the limit for Miss Trinity!

Update October 4:

This cute rambunctious little girl has a lot of personality. She is learning to give some personal space and not to crowd. She is growing quickly and seems to learn fast. She will continue to work with our trainer before she is ready to work with our volunteers. Trinity received a sponsorship at our June fundraising auction. This sponsorship will help pay for her care until the 2022 Gimme Shelter Challenge.

Trinity was born at THS on 5/26/19. She is out of Tequila, a feral mare that came to us in October 2018. Trinity is starting to become very curious of people and will now cautiously approach and may even accept a little rub on her neck. She will always stand out in the herd with her unique markings. Trinity has received a three year sponsorship to stay with us until she is eligible for our Trainer’s Challenge in 2022 as a three year old.  Not available for adoption.

This Horse Sponsored By: John H. & Bryan B.