Corinne Hoody 2020


Update June 11, 2020:

Tilly was selected for the 2020 Gimme Shelter Challenge and is currently receiving 100 days of training with her trainer Cori Hoody.  She will be available through our adoption-based auction at the completion of the event.  Please see the events tab above for more information and updates on all the horses in training.

Update January 6, 2020:

Tilly has progressed at an amazing speed.  She is now the most confident horse in her pen.  She will come to our trainer from across the pen to be haltered.  She is learning how to pick up her feet, and stand quiet for different objects when they are introduced to her.  Tilly is a sweet girl who has become so brave and confident.

Update October 15:

Tilly’s baby (Titus) was weaned just a few weeks ago and Tilly is doing well with the transition. She still takes a little bit of time to be haltered in her pen, but she is now letting us approach her more. Her confidence has really started to show with everything she is asked to do. In the future, we are looking forward to having some volunteers help with her ground work training to get her more exposed to different people and objects. More than likely Tilly will be started under saddle once she comes a little further along in her training.

Update May 11:

Tilly recently foaled out and we now have a cute little healthy colt who is playful and inquisitive.  We will allow Tilly to have some one-on-one time with him before we jump back into training with her.  Before her colt was born she received her vaccinations and dewormer.

Update March 21:

Tilly has made huge progress in her training.  She has been haltered a handful of times and is really learning to relax when people are near or approaching her.  Tilly has become more confident in herself and is starting to trust people more.  Tilly looks to be in foal, and we will be expecting her to have her foal sometime in the next few months.

Tilly is another one of the five feral horses picked up by NMLB going down main street in Cuba. She is a chestnut mare with roan hairs throughout her body. Her mane is not really flaxen but does stand out as a different color that is unique. She has a filly (Twist) at her side and Tilly appears to be in foal. She is one of the calmer horses in the group. Not available for adoption until her quarantine time is complete.