15.3 hh
Grade Thoroughbred Type


Update October 4th:

Tessa continues to improve with her training. She does better with a slow and easy approach whether in the saddle or on the ground. She has had more rides out on the trail and has done well getting experience outside of the arena. Tessa would still require an intermediate to advanced rider at this time.

Update August 20:

Tessa is progressing by leaps and bounds. She is a very smart and willing girl. She is also starting to overcome her nerves and gets more confident with every ride. She has been ridden in the arena and has gone on a few trail rides. She seems to enjoy both very much. Tessa’s old injury has held up wonderfully with her riding program and we have not seen her have any physical issues. At this time she would still require an intermediate to advanced rider.

Update June 25:

Tessa has now had a few weeks of riding under saddle and she has been improving with every ride.  She can still get a little nervous about some things but is learning to work through her nerves with confidence.  She is a big beautiful mover and travels nicely in frame.  Because of her old injury we are monitoring her exercise program and making sure she can handle the activity.  So far Tessa has shown no signs of concern from her old injury.  At this time she still requires an experienced rider.

Update May 11:

Tessa has been started again under saddle.  She has had some time off due to an old injury, but has come back stronger and sturdier than ever.  We will continue to saddle Tessa and work our way back to riding her in the future.  In the meantime she has received some great hands-on time with our volunteers. She loves to get groomed and do some ground work.

Update June 26, 2018:

Tessa has had a lot of groundwork but can get very attached to her corral buddies so she can become very distracted away from her pen. She was ridden a bit by a previous trainer and was very buddy sour. Tessa will need to be started over under saddle and will require an experienced trainer to do so. 

Tessa is a mare that came in with a terrible injury to her hock. She has made a full recovery. 

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