2020 Gimme Shelter Challenge


Update: October 4:

Tequila has been progressing very quickly. She gave birth to a filly (Trinity) and we recently weaned the baby to continue working with Tequila. She can now be haltered in her pen and is starting to learn round pen work. Tequila will be held for the 2020 Gimme Shelter Challenge pool of horses.

Update May 11:

Tequila has progressed well with her ground work.  She is starting to get more comfortable and confident with people in different situations.  Tequila is in foal, and we will be expecting her to foal out sometime soon.

Update March 21:

Tequila is a very curious and brave mare.  We believe she is older than what we first thought when she came in with the feral group of five.  She has had some one-on-one time with our trainer and is progressing quickly.  Tequila is always interested in checking out whoever enters her pen and will walk towards them with curiosity every time.

Tequila is a feral 1-year-old (?) filly that was picked up with the Cuba group of five. She may very well be Tango’s foal from 2017 as she and Taz are very close and have very similar conformation and markings. Tequila has good growth for her age and is in good condition but will also take a great deal of work to get her trusting people. We are hoping she is not in foal, or that she turns out to be older than 1 year. Not available for adoption while in quarantine.