In quarantine


Update May 11:

Tango recently foaled out, and we now have a strong healthy colt who is already very curious.  We will allow Tango to have some one-on-one time with him before we jump back into training with her.  Before her colt was born she received her vaccinations and dewormer.

Update March 21:

Tango has really started to come out of her shell in the last few weeks.  Though only having the halter on a handful of times, she is starting to let people approach her.  We have even been able to touch her in her pen with no halter on.  Tango looks to be in foal, and we will be expecting her to have her foal sometime in the next few months.

Tango is a feral 7-year-old (?) chestnut mare that came to THS in a group of 5 horses that were picked up by the NMLB as estrays in Cuba. She has a bay colt at her side (Taz) and seems to be one of the calmer ones of this group. She looks to be in good health, good body condition with a shiny coat, and appears to be in foal. Tango will need some work following quarantine but should make a nice mare. Not available for adoption.