16.2 hh
Not Available


March 10, 2021:

Slick is back under saddle now. However he is still in rehab.  He was a little stiff in his hocks and sore on his right front foot.  We have since treated both areas and we are bringing him back really slowly under saddle.  We hope he will build up some more strength with light riding.  He has been feeling good, but he has been kept in the arena to ride and only at a walk and jog.  At this time he is not available for adoption.

February 25, 2021:

Slick is a big 12-year-old grade bay gelding that is well started under saddle. He was recently returned to THS due to changing life circumstances for his adopter. He is blind in his left eye, but is very confident and secure. He is a very friendly horse that loves attention. Slick is currently in rehab as he was showing some lameness issues upon his return. We are bringing him back slowly and currently seeing good progress. Hopefully Slick will be ready for adoption in the near future. Not available; in rehabilitation.

Slick has come back to THS as his young adopter needed help to place him into a good home. She has done a fantastic job with Slick and he has an adoption pending.

Slick was a surrender through NMLB from the Carlsbad area. He was abandoned by his owners. Slick is halter trained and has been under saddle.  He is blind in his left eye but has adapted very well.