Grade Pinto
palomino & white


August 25, 2021:

Santiago completed a 60 Day Ground Work Challenge in the summer of 2021. He does well with catching, lead, back, yielding HQ/FQ, tying, picking up his feet and he loves to be groomed.  He will load in the trailer and send over obstacles, but he tends to rush and get nervous with those things. Santiago gets along with a variety of horses and currently lives in a pen with a mare and a gelding.

March 12, 2021:

Santiago has been taking a break from class time, but will hopefully get back to work soon!

November 1, 2020:

Santiago participated in a 60 Day Ground Work Challenge this fall. The pace was fast for him, and he did well at some skills (yielding hindquarters/forequarters, sending over/by/past obstacles, tying prep) and he struggled with others (accepting the flag, trailer loading, vet prep). We will continue to work with him on all of these skills. Santiago can be reactive at times, and can get overwhelmed while learning new skills if pushed too fast. Overall, we are happy with the progress he did make throughout the challenge.

September 1, 2020:

Santiago is now easier to catch and has enjoyed coming down the hill to participate in volunteer class!  He is working toward keeping focus on the task at hand and has made good progress with being responsive and respectful to his handler.  Santiago will participate in a 60 Day Groundwork Challenge this fall.

June 7, 2020:

After a bit of time in his pen with his friends, Santiago is now a part of our volunteer training program. It took a few days to remind him about being caught and being respectful, but he is now on his way to polishing up what he already knows and learning something new. He is a sweet guy and will come along nicely in his groundwork.

Update June 26:

Santiago was evaluated a while back and found not to be saddle trained. He is friendly but continues to have some stallion like behaviors. Adoption fee: $500

Santiago is a palomino and white overo gelding with blue eyes. His color and markings are stunning. He came in as a 15 year old stallion, so even after gelding he is still easily distracted by the ladies! Santiago appears to be very athletic, but will need some time to become more sociable.