13.3 hh
Bay & white pinto


Updated December 24th:
Salsa is a very bright and intelligent girl.  She is incredibly sensitive with a ton of feel.  She can be a bit of a firecracker at times under saddle but is learning to quiet her mind and feet.  She is starting to figure out the basics and is really making quick progress.  At this time, Salsa still requires an advanced rider.

Update July 11:

We recently started Salsa under saddle. Right now she is very nervous and unsure about things and will try to run off or buck if she gets scared. However she has proven to be a very smart horse and is becoming much quieter the more she learns. She is currently learning the basics of going left, right, forward and back. She will require an advanced rider.

Update June 26: Salsa was chosen for our 2018 Gimme Shelter challenge but her trainer’s situation changed and she had to drop out of the competition one week into it. She has had a great deal of groundwork but can still be flighty at times. She now will allow different people to catch her and groom her. We will have our trainer start Salsa this summer to give her a good foundation. Adoption fee: $500

Salsa is a very cute, nicely put together bay & white pinto mare. She came in untouchable and has made great progress since. She is very smart and a quick mover with an occasional stubborn streak in her. She has never shown any aggression, even under pressure and learns quickly. She can still get a bit flighty at times, but less frequently with every class she has.

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