Grade Quarter Horse type
Light Sorrel


August 25, 2021:

Rooster has been participating in our volunteer class and has been doing well!  He loves attention and grooming.  He does need some accommodation on his blind side while doing ground work, but once he is comfortable with his handler, he performs well.

Adoption Fee: $1,000

March 23, 2021:

Rooster has now been under saddle for almost two months, however we are starting to see some things that we are concerned about. He has tripped multiple times with our trainer and has gone down once while under saddle. We are determining that it is unsafe to continue riding him. He is available as a companion.

March 10, 2021:

Rooster has now been ridden multiple times and we feel like he was possibly used for something before he came to us.  He has a lot of go for an older guy.  Missing his right eye doesn’t seem to bother him too much when under saddle.  He is a little less confident on that side but is willing to work through what is being asked of him.  He still wants to be quick footed out on the trails especially going up and down hills.  In the arena he has learned to control his speed but every once in a while will try to go faster if the opportunity presents itself.  At this time Rooster requires a confident intermediate to advanced rider.

Update February 3, 2021:

Rooster is a 24-year-old palomino or light sorrel with salt and pepper mane and tail. He is a grade quarter horse type gelding that came to us after being picked up by the NMLB near Sapello as an estray. He is a big and kind horse that enjoys attention. He first arrived here in February 2020, blind in his right eye and with a small tumor on his lower left jaw. Both the eye and the tumor were removed following his quarantine time. He didn’t stay here long and was adopted in March 2020. However, he was being picked on by the other horses in his new home, so Rooster returned to THS in December 2020. Everyone was curious if Rooster was a riding horse because he was so well mannered. Following his second quarantine time here, our trainer evaluated him and found him to be saddle trained. He has only been ridden once, so more to come from our trainer as she continues to evaluate his training under saddle.

Rooster is an older palomino or light sorrel gelding 20+(?) picked up by NMLB near Sapello as an estray. He is halter trained and loaded nicely into the trailer. He does have a bad right eye that he is most likely blind in. Rooster is a very stout QH type gelding and will be further evaluated following his quarantine time. Not available for adoption.