Update June 11, 2020:

Rambler has now been ridden for five months and has received a lot of good consistent rides.  Initially he needed to work on his softness and responsiveness to pressure.  But now he is getting a solid understanding and confidence.  He can still get a little excited to head back to the barn at the end of a trail ride, but he is learning how to work through his excitement and walk slowly.  At this time, Rambler would need an intermediate rider.

Update January 6, 2020:

Rambler has started his evaluation process now that he has completed his quarantine.  During his initial evaluation, he showed that he has had some experience under saddle. He seemed a little out of shape, but understood basic cues and a little neck reining.  Rambler was quiet to saddle and to mount and dismount.  He also seems to understand how to stand quiet when tied.  We will continue getting to know him better before he will be available for adoption.

Rambler is a 20-year-old bay gelding that had been picked up by NMLB several times in the Tierra Amarilla area. He seems to enjoy frequent escapes to wander and has a lot of personality. Rambler was found with a halter on him that was much too tight, leaving a permanent groove across his nose. He appears to be quite gentle; leads and trailer loads easily. Rambler will be further evaluated following his quarantine time. Not available for adoption.