Update October 7, 2020:

Polly has been started under saddle and has about five rides. This process has taken longer than usual because we believe she hasn’t had good experiences with saddling, and possible riding, in the past. But Polly is a sweet girl who enjoys learning new things and has been progressing through everything very well. She is very green and does not seem to know very much under saddle. She will require a very experienced rider at this time. Having experience starting horses under saddle would be beneficial, or a trainer’s help may be required.

Update June 11, 2020:

Polly has really struggled with the saddle but we are taking the time needed to go at her pace and comfort level.  She has also received more procedures to her jaw to remove bone chips and dead bone, which has pushed back her training quite a bit.  We will continue to take it slow and if she is not able to mentally or physically hold up, we will look at having her be a companion horse to focus on ground work only.

Update January 6, 2020:

Polly has been exposed to the saddle a handful of times.  She has shown that she more than likely had some bad experiences under saddle.  She will need some time to work through some of her nervousness before she can really be ridden consistently under saddle.  She is learning to stand quiet and relaxed while different objects are introduced to her.  Polly is a smart girl with a lot of promise.  We are currently working towards and looking forward to her first ride with our trainer.

Update October 15:

Polly has been cleared by our vet to move forward with her training.  She is being exposed to more on the ground with various obstacles.  Polly is also starting some saddle preparations on the ground in the hopes of starting her under saddle with our trainer soon.  It is apparent that Polly has been through some trauma, so we are taking a slow approach to properly build a good foundation before riding her.

Update March 21:

Polly is still pretty shy and timid with new people. She has only worked with a few people because of her trust issues, but we are starting to see progress with her. Polly has limited exposure to obstacles on the ground due to her frightfulness.

Polly is a 5-year-old (?) grade sorrel mare brought to THS by the NMLB after she was found wandering down a county road in San Pablo. NMLB had to keep her for treatment and make her strong enough to be transported which took three weeks. She is recovering from a broken jaw, leg injury, and is severely emaciated. Polly is showing a great will to survive and that may just be her saving grace. Polly will require months of rehabilitation before she will be available for adoption.

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