Red roan
2022 Gimme Shelter Challenge


August 25, 2021:

Peanut has worked with a volunteer for the first time and completed a 60 Day Ground Work Challenge in the summer of 2021.  She did very well with her volunteer! Peanut is very smart, loves people and enjoys learning.  As she is young, she sometimes has trouble keeping her focus on the task at hand and does her best work when sessions are kept short.  As she matures, her focus will improve.

March 12, 2021:

Peanut is really progressing with her ground work. She works well in the round pen, will load in the trailer, picks up her feet when asked, and is working on sending over and around obstacles.

November 1, 2020:

Peanut is learning to maintain focus during class, as she is young and would rather be playing with her friends than focusing on yielding her hindquarters! Still, she is quite well-behaved during groundwork class and shows growth with each session.

September 1, 2020:

Peanut’s wariness of humans has all but disappeared!  She is now friendly and seeks attention.  She has been an exemplary student during groundwork class and is currently being led out and away from her pen and friends.  She enjoys exploring outside of her pen, and when distracted, responds well to gentle reminders to focus on the task at hand.  Way to go, Peanut!

Update June 7, 2020:

We have started to work with Peanut and get her used to the idea of being with humans. She is curious, but wary, and is gaining confidence in approaching people and working at liberty in the bull pen. Peanut is getting comfortable with being petted and seems to want to learn.

Peanut is a cute little red roan grade filly that looks to be a late 2019 foal. She was walking down Hwy 4 in the San Ysidro area when NMLB picked her up as an estray. Other than a few nicks and scrapes, she looks to be in decent body condition. Right now she spends her days enjoying free choice hay and taking long naps in the sun. Not available for adoption.