Bay Roan
Adoption Fee $500


Update October 4th:

Nutmeg is such a sweet girl who is always ready to please. She still has a little bit of a motor but is learning to control her forward motion in all of her gaits. She has really picked up on collection at the walk and trot and is getting there with her lope. She now travels around much slower and more relaxed in every gait. She loves being out on the trail and enjoys exploring. Nutmeg is a strong little girl with a lot of grit. At this time she still would require an intermediate to advanced rider.

Update August 20:

Nutmeg is a little firecracker with a big heart. She is definitely an energizer bunny whether it is out on the trail or in the arena. I believe she would do great with a job, whether that is on a ranch or even some competitive trail riding. Nutmeg has a great personality and is ready to find her perfect home. At this time she still would require an intermediate to advanced rider.

Update March 15th:

Nutmeg has really shown improvement in her training all around.  She is beginning to mature under saddle and on the ground.  Her ability to fine tune her maneuvers and get more responsive to vocal and leg cues has helped her immensely.  Nutmeg really enjoys trail rides and arena work.  At this time she still requires an intermediate rider.

Update December 23rd:

Nutmeg is a very confident and independent girl with a big personality.  She has really taken to learning how to collect at all gaits and is a fun ride in the arena or out on our trails.  Nutmeg is a smart girl with a lot of grit.  She gives you her all and really likes to please.  At this time, Nutmeg would require an intermediate rider.

Update September 20:

Nutmeg has been progressing along nicely in the time we have had her in training. At times this mare can get a little hot, but as she continues to learn more she is slowing down and starting to focus on what she is being asked to do by the rider. Nutmeg continues to have a lot of try and a very friendly personality. She will require an intermediate rider.

Update July 11:

Nutmeg is a new addition to our training program here at (THS). She is doing very well considering that she has only had a handful of rides. She is currently learning how to follow the reins and move different body parts. Nutmeg currently needs in advance intermediate rider to continue her training.

Update June 26, 2018:

Nutmeg has done quite a turnaround and now is the first horse in her pen to come up to people. She can now be haltered and enjoys being brushed by the volunteers. We may try to get her started under saddle this summer. Adoption fee: $500

Bay Roan mare that is not very trusting at this time. We will work hard to gain her trust and help her become more sociable.