14.2 Hands
Adoption Fee $500


Updated October 4th:

Madalynn has made so much progress over the last few weeks.  She has become more relaxed in all of her gaits and has learned to slow her feet.  She has been on many trail rides and has handled them like an experienced horse.  She is comfortable and smooth to ride whether we are loping in the arena or she’s powering up a hill out on the trail.  At this time Madalynn still would require an intermediate rider.

Update August 20:

Madalynn is really becoming a great riding horse. She is more confident under saddle and on the ground. She travels a little high headed but is slow and relaxed in all of her gaits. She is a great trail horse who loves to explore. I could potentially see her excel with having a job as well. Madalynn will require an intermediate rider.

Update March 15th:

Madalynn has continued to progress in her training here.  She still can have moments of uncertainty and needs a confident rider to help her through those times.  She has really improved with slowing her speed and relaxing in her gaits as well as softening in her collection.  At this time she still would require an intermediate to advanced rider.

Update December 23rd:

Madalynn is a big sturdy girl with a sensitive personality.  She can get unsure of some things and really look to her rider for guidance and reassurance.  She has improved in her training so much in a short time frame and is really making great progress.  At this time, Madalynn still would require an advanced rider.

Updated September 20, 2018:

Over the last few months Madalynn has been steadily progressing in training. She has proven to be a pretty nervous horse and can become defensive when she receives too much pressure. The more time and training Madalynn receives under saddle, the more confident and trusting she is becoming. She will require an advanced intermediate rider at this time.

We recently started Madalynn in our training program. So far she has taken very well to being ridden under saddle. We only have a hand full of rides on her so far (June 18th) so she does not know very much yet and is still very nervous. With time and continued training she should keep progressing nicely. Madalynn will require an advanced rider at this time.