Grade Quarter Horse type


November 18, 2021:
Macy is still being used as our evaluation horse and is for adoption.
Adoption Fee: $1,000

August 20, 2019:
Macy is now our designated rider evaluation horse and is not available for adoption. She will assist us in doing a first ride with potential adopters to rate their riding level before getting on any of our adoptable horses.

March 15th:
Macy has improved by leaps and bounds.  She has really improved with her softness and collection in her body and head carriage.  She also has figured out how to relax and travel at a slow and steady walk and trot.  Macy’s lope can get a little forward with some speed, but she can quickly start to relax and is learning to carry herself more balanced.  At this time she still would require an intermediate rider.

December 26, 2018:
Macy is a big sweet girl who came to THS with her possible foal Milo.  Since her arrival, she has now been evaluated, and she is showing that she has had some time under saddle before coming to THS.  She seems to know a little bit of neck reining, vocal and leg cues.  She acts like someone rode with a heavy hand, and in result has caused her to become very pushy to the bridle.  However, she is quickly learning to soften to pressure and collect at the walk and trot.  At this time, Macy would require an advanced rider.

Macy is a 14-year-old grade QH type mare that was brought into THS from Eunice after a NMLB seizure that also included Milo. She is still very emaciated and will take some time to come up to weight. She is halter trained and gentle. Macy will be further evaluated.