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roan & white


Update June 6, 2020:

Libby has improved in every way.  She has become a much quieter horse, easier to catch, is doing great on groundwork, trailer loads and has improved for farrier and vet work. Unfortunately, her lameness still shows up at times especially when working in circles. This will make it unlikely she will ever make a riding horse. She is very good with other horses and will make a nice companion horse. Adoption fee $250.

Update October 15:

Libby is currently participating in a 60 day ground working challenge through the Forever Foundation with one of our volunteers.  She is getting to practice working with a flag, learning to tie, and loading into a horse trailer.  She can still be a little nervous about things but is learning more confidence with every session.

Update May 21:

Libby is getting less reactive on the ground.  She has been participating in our volunteer class, and she knows basic ground work.  Libby can still be nervous when you first meet her, but she has a lot of try in her once she gets to know you.

Update June 26:

Libby was chosen for our 2018 Gimme Shelter challenge but had to come back to THS after developing a tendon injury just above the coronet band, requiring 6 months of rest. When she left she was still leery of new people but is becoming easier to catch and enjoys a good grooming.

Libby is a unique red roan & white pinto mare that stands 14.3hh with good substance and shows some good breeding. Libby came in untouchable and still remains leery of new people, although she has recently started approaching the fence for attention when tours go by. She can be a bit harder to catch until she knows you but has shown improvement over time. Win her over and she will try hard for you. She is overcoming her trust issues and trying to please. If she does get upset, she recovers quickly and can continue the lesson.