Updated March 15th:

Kilo continues to progress in her training.  She can still have some days in the arena when she gets a little animated but has done well with getting relaxed and collected at all of her gaits.  She has also improved on body position and balance in her faster gaits when traveling in the arena.  Kilo still loves the trails and always enjoys a nice ride through the hills.  At this time she still would require an intermediate rider with a quiet and confident demeanor.

Updated December 23rd:

Kilo is a pleasant girl to be around.  She is mellow and very relaxed when grooming or working with her on the ground.  Under saddle she can get a little excited and want to accelerate in her trot and lope, but is learning to collect, get soft and relaxed when traveling in the arena.  She really enjoys going out on our trails and exploring around the property.  At this time, Kilo still requires an intermediate to advanced rider.

Update July 11:

Recently we have started riding and working with Kilo. She knows basic direct reining, she can neck rein a little at the walk, and she knows how to walk, trot and lope. Right now she is very touchy in her face. Kilo is being asked to do a lot. In the time that we have had her back in training, we have been working on many things. She is improving significantly, but still requires work to get her over them. Will require an advanced intermediate rider at this time.

Update June 26: Kilo was returned to THS on 6/14/18.

Kilo was found running with Elk in Chama. She has a build suitable for ranch work and is going nicely under saddle. Will ride out alone, easy to catch.


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