August 25, 2021:

Kai has turned into a great volunteer class horse, and would make a wonderful companion horse.  She has become quiet, mellow and relaxed.  Kai excels at: catching, lead, back, yielding HQ/FQ, sending everywhere, tying, picking up her feet and trailer loading.

June 6, 2020:

Kai has really settled in and is becoming a much quieter horse. She is much easier to catch and calm during volunteer class. Kai is participating in our volunteer 60-day groundwork challenge to keep her ready for adoption. It is really a shame her lameness shows up when she is lunged much more than a few laps. Kai gets along with most horses but is best when she is not the alpha. Available only as a companion horse. 

October 24, 2019:

Kai is a sweet girl who has had a lot of exposure in the last year.  She has worked with our volunteers on various ground work exercises as well as participated in the 2019 Gimme Shelter Challenge.  She has been evaluated by our vet and it has been determined that she will remain a companion horse.  Kai has a very lovable personality that would get along with many different types of horses.

Update May 11:

Kai was selected for the 2019 Gimme Shelter Challenge and is currently off property for the 100 days of training with her trainer Rudy Lara.  She will be competing at the Rodeo de Santa Fe on July 19th and 20th, and will go through our adoption-based auction at the completion of the event.

Update March 21:

Kai is an energetic girl who is always ready to learn.  She will be in the pool of horses for the 2019 Gimme Shelter Challenge.  She has excelled while working with our volunteers, and any new obstacles she has been introduced to.  Kai can load in and out of a horse trailer and has been started with flag work.

Update June 26:

Kai was not chosen for this year’s Gimme Shelter challenge and will be held for next year’s pool of horses. She is good with groundwork—will send in a circle, yield her hips, back softly, lunge at liberty, goes over a tarp, trailer loads, and is good for the vet and farrier. Kai can be a bit playful at times. She will continue with groundwork in our volunteer program.

Kai is one of two 14hh perlino mares. This mare showed some halter training upon arrival and has progressed nicely in a short time. In the beginning Kai would let out a jump, kick, and a buck during sending exercises. She is a fast learner and has decided to be a good student and a willing partner.