Update October 7, 2020:

Izzy has been working with our volunteers during class time and she has really excelled with them. She has knowledge in round pen work, experiences with obstacles, and has had the chance to work with multiple volunteers. She is a sweet little mare that has a lot of room to grow with a great partner.

Update June 11, 2020:

Izzy has been started under saddle and had around 20 to 30 rides.  However she still would continue to buck unexpectedly almost every ride.  We have decided to transition her training to ground work only and get her more involved with our volunteer program.  Izzy will now be available as a companion horse.

Update January 6, 2020:

Izzy has now been exposed to the saddle a handful of times.  She has shown that she has either never been started under saddle or it has been a long time since she has worn a saddle.  Izzy is learning to travel around with the saddle relaxed in all gaits.  She has a lot of natural confidence that will help her in the future with her training.  She has a great attitude and is a joy to work with.  We are currently working towards and looking forward to her first ride with our trainer.

Update October 15:

Izzy is a quiet and shy girl at first.  But once she gets to know you and gets comfortable with you she really starts to show her personality.  She has been handled by a few of our volunteers during class time and is being introduced to new obstacles.  She is a possible riding candidate but has not been evaluated under saddle yet. As she continues to get more exposure on the ground we will see about starting her under saddle.

Izzy is an 11-year-old grade bay mare picked up by the NMLB in the Pecos area as an estray. She is shy but was easy to work onto the trailer without a halter and quietly unloaded at our facility. I am told that she is halter trained once you catch her so she should improve quickly with some work following her quarantine time. Not available for adoption at this time.