Haute Doll

Update January 6, 2020

Doll has progressed immensely in the last few months.  She has improved in all areas of her training.  Now she can relax out on a trail ride all while walking out and back.  In the arena she can walk, trot, and lope with collection and softness.  At times she will start to get more forward, but with a quick reminder, she slows right back down.  Doll would love to have a job where she gets ridden multiple days a week.  At this time, she would require an intermediate to advanced rider.

Update October 4:

Doll has really come a long way in her training in a relatively short time. She has been out on the trails more and is learning to slow her feet and her mind. She is a forward mover, but has learned to carry herself with more collection. I believe she would enjoy a job where she can be ridden multiple times a week. At this time Doll will still require an intermediate rider.

Update August 13:

Doll is a gorgeous, kind mare. She has a lot of go, and loves exploring out on trails. In the arena she has made a lot of progress. Her collection has improved immensely in all of her gaits. Doll’s walk and trot are consistently quiet and slow. She can still get a little fast in the lope at times, but she comes out of it quickly and has a nice quiet lope. Doll will require an intermediate rider.

Update March 15th:

Doll is a big lovable girl looking to be someones new partner.  She likes to exercise in the arena or go exploring out on the trails. She has really made progress learning to collect herself at all gaits and it has helped with her energy level under saddle.  Doll has really improved on her patience and willingness under saddle.  At this time she still would require an intermediate rider.

Update December 23, 2018:

Haute Doll is a sweet big girl who likes to go.  Whether it is in the arena or out on the trails, she is ready for the opportunity to get to go somewhere.  She may be a candidate for English riding since she seems to do well with contact.  She is learning to collect herself at all gaits.  Doll is getting more relaxed as she travels and is learning to be patient when being asked for different things.  At this time, Haute Doll will still require an intermediate to advanced rider.

Haute Doll is a beautiful looking Thoroughbred mare, who is currently in our training program. Under saddle she rides around nice at the walk and trot. In the lope Haute Doll has a tendency to get hot but she is improving and becoming more comfortable in the lope with time. She will make a great horse for someone who is a confident rider who can continue to help her improve. She will require an advanced intermediate rider.