14 hh
Adoption fee $750
Patrick Otis


Update March 15th:

Garth has been maturing and mentally growing with every ride.  He has really blossomed in his training and has become a confident sturdy guy.  However he is still young and can have some tenancies to act like a kid.  Garth is responsive to all cues and is very willing to learn. At this time he still would require an intermediate rider with some experience in training or working with younger horses.

Update December 12th:

Garth is a very handsome guy with quite the personality.  He has shown to be a quick learner and very willing to please.  He can get a little spooky at new objects that catch him off guard, but he works through his worries very quickly.  Garth is responsive to vocal cues and is comfortable to ride.  He has been ridden in the arena and out on our trails.  At this time he would still require an intermediate rider.

Update September 20, 2018:

After being shown in our 2018 Gimme Shelter Trainers Challenge Garth came back to THS and has since been integrated into our training program. Garth has a great personality and has been progressing well in training. Garth can get spooky at new objects that he is unsure of, but he always tries hard to figure it out with help from the rider. He can walk, trot and lope comfortably and is currently learning to give to the bit. He will require an intermediate rider.

Garth is a 14hh grulla gelding who can still have his playful days. He has had a lot of handling and catches on quickly. He is a willing and curious partner.