Dark Brown


October 27, 2021:

Gaho is a beautiful, small mare who is well mannered and a trusting partner with most handlers. She is great at groundwork, trailer loading, stands quietly for the veterinarian and farrier, but has difficulty with spray bottles and can be anxious with an unconfident handler. Gaho gets along with mares and geldings, tends to be dominant in her herd, is an easy keeper and stands about 13.3 HH.

Gaho is a very easy keeper making her a very low maintenance companion horse. 

Update June 9, 2020:

Gaho has turned into a little gem. She has now worked with several different volunteers and has really become very consistent in her behaviors. With a little bit of boundaries, she is a respectful partner. She is very good at groundwork including loading into the trailer. 

Update June 26:

Gaho was in our pool of horses for last year’s Gimme Shelter challenge but was found to have a dropped hip which causes her to be off at the trot and lope in small circles. She was pulled from the pool and is now being offered as a companion horse. She has had a great deal of ground work including trailer loading. That with her smaller size and being a very easy keeper, Gaho will make a wonderful companion horse. Adoption fee: $250

A beautiful dark brown mare that came in with her colt Garth through the NMLB. She has started ground work and halter work training.