Zia Reato 2021


March 12, 2021:

Fortune has been getting regular exercise in the round pen and has been enjoying her ground work sessions. Fortune is learning to be good with picking up her feet, ties, does liberty work in the round pen, sends over and around obstacles and loads in the trailer. She does still test her handler to see what she can get away with but with consistent leadership, she falls into a nice work routine and can be pleasant to work with. She is extremely intelligent and can get bored easily at which point she starts to goof off or get testy. Regular work and switching things up really keeps her engaged.

November 1, 2020:

Fortune is currently roommates with one of our recent intakes. She is getting experience living with different horses, continues to get exercise in the round pen, and is keeping up with her groundwork. She has shown a tendency to exhibit dominant behavior toward humans, and requires a knowledgeable, experienced handler.

September 1, 2020:

Fortune continues to participate in her groundwork classes.  Her biggest progress lately has been standing quietly and picking up her feet for the farrier.  She isn’t perfect at it yet but is getting close.  She also has been loading in and out of the trailer and enjoys a good run and frolic in the big arena. She has shown a tendency to exhibit dominant behavior toward humans and needs to show less of that before she can safely work with volunteers.

June 7, 2020:

Fortune continues to shine in her groundwork sessions. She enjoys working and getting some exercise. She is currently fine-tuning her work in the round pen at liberty, going over obstacles and focusing and maintaining attention during classes.

October 4:

Fortune has progressed right along in her training and now we are just waiting for her to grow up. She is cute as could be with quite the personality. Fortune will be in our 2021 Gimme Shelter Challenge pool of horses. Until then she is being handled and exposed to the necessary things on the ground to have her prepared for the future.

May 11:

Fortune had the opportunity to participate in a 60 day ground working challenge through the Forever Foundation and succeeded with flying colors.  She has now had experience with trailer loading, tying, farrier prep, and much more.  Fortune enjoys being groomed on and getting attention from people.

March 21:

Fortune has started halter training and is progressing quickly.  She is learning to lead and take instruction on how to move her feet in a suggested direction.  Fortune also has had a basic start on some ground obstacles, including a bridge and ground poles.  She still can be a little spit fire and is very athletic.

Update June 26:

Fortune is a beautiful little sorrel filly out of Fiona. She was born here at THS ranch on 5/17/18 just a couple of days before our May auction where she received a three-year sponsorship to see her into the 2021 Gimme Shelter challenge pool of horses as a three-year-old. She is very friendly and enjoys lots of love from staff and volunteers. Fortune does appear to be changing color to either a gray like her dam or to a red roan.

Fortune was born shortly after the morning mucking between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m on May 17 and appears to be very strong and healthy. She arrived as the tent was going up for this year’s auction and how can she not bring THS great luck at the fundraiser! Please enjoy her photo journey which begins with Fortune just an hour or so old. I’m sure there will be many more coming as all the volunteers had their phones and cameras out. Fortune’s dam Fiona is feral mare and most likely a first time mom.

This Horse Sponsored By: Donald B