Zoe Lipscomb


Update May 11:

Fiona was selected for the 2019 Gimme Shelter Challenge and is currently in the 100 days of training with Zoe Lipscomb.  She will be competing at the Rodeo de Santa Fe on July 19th and 20th, and will go through our adoption-based auction at the completion of the event.  For more information, go to the Events tab and select Gimme Shelter Trainer’s Challenge 2019.

Update March 21st:

Fiona has really grown and has become more confident in herself.  She will be in the pool of horses for the 2019 Gimme Shelter Challenge.  Fiona has had experience in the horse trailer and some work with a flag.  She has learned a lot from our volunteers during class sessions.

Update June 26:

Fiona foaled on 5/17/18, giving birth to a beautiful little sorrel filly named Fortune. Fiona had no issues giving birth and is a very good mother. She continues to slowly gain weight which has been more difficult due to her pregnancy and now nursing foal. Fiona is still very untrusting of people but does allow us to pet Fortune without issues. Now that her foal is strong, we hope to be able to get Fiona catchable in the near future. Not available until after Fortune is weaned.

Fiona is a feral gray mare that came to us at around 4 years old and appears to be in foal. She was picked up by the NMLB near Cabezon. We will be working with Fiona to halter train her. She will be a real cutie once she puts on some weight and fills out.